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Jahn taught, for instance, how...

"...the lost balance of human education can be restored ... and can comprise and seize the entire man in the youthful living together."

From: Jahn/Eiselen
"A Treatise onGymnastics", (1828)

16-19/10/1813 Battle of Nations near Leipzig
31/3/1814 the allies march into Paris
Jahn’s demands of the day are:
"...freedom of speech, a constitution, the unity of the fatherland ..."

Chauvinistic attacks and his passionate teutomania offered the misuse by later nationalist propaganda.

12/6/1815 student gymnasts and former members of the Lützow corps founded the German student’s society true to Jahn’s ideas.
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Friedrich Ludwig Jahn:
teacher,father of gymnastics, MP
(Part I)

11/8/1778 born as son of a parish priest in Lanz, Brandenburg, Prussia
1794 ‘Graues Kloster’ secondary school (Berlin)
studied in Halle and Greifswald among others,
private tutor in Neubrandenburg

1806 - Napoleon’s victory at Jena and Auerstedt
ahn witnessed the defeat of Prussia and the conquest of Germany,
 which sparked off his decision to work for the unity and freedom of Germany.

1807 visit to GutsMuths in Schnepfenthal, who is regarded as a representative of progressive pedagogy 
(philanthropy); stimulus for Jahn’s introduction of gymnastics to Germany
1809 teacher at ‘Graues Kloster’ school Berlin
1810 physical exercises and games in the open air
18/6/1811 opening of the 1st German gym field at Berlin’s Hasenheide
Jahn developed gymnastics as a patriotic education too,
to prepare for the war of liberation in Germany
1813 - gymnasts and students proved
their worth in the volunteer Lützow corps.

Jahn himself was one of the commanding officers.

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn at the age of 34

(oldest known picture, 1812)


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