OFFER 2016: Daily ONLINE-Service
- for Organizers of international Events and national Championships,
for National Federations or other regional clients, worldwide!

 * Update: 01-Jan-2016
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Y o u  - provide all dates / photos / results)
W E    -will present it at the the same time on our GYMmedia platforms
Online  -total amount, if you will book your event at least 2 weeks before your event:
OFFER I GYMmedia Achievement
(- Main Website, English:
- in €  (EUR)

Standard version
1 day event

- update short report (your text) as GYMnews;(1 day event)
- 1-3 photos (JPEG or GIF (not bigger than 400 pxl wide)
- Results (- as pdf-files)

75,- € 
(after invoice)

Version A:
(1 day event)

- short PREVIEW, in the same week before; 
- update short report (your text) as GYMnews;
- 4 - 6 photos (JPEG or GIF (not bigger than 400 pxl wide)
- Results (- as -.pdf or xls-files)
> GYMmedia Calendar System

from 85,- to 125,-€

Version B:
(1 day event)

- PREWIEW, 1 month or longer before (+ permanent updates)
- ... same like version A;
  + plus event dates, ticket hotlines and more commercial dates....
-  Integration into the GYMmedia World Calendar System

from 130,- to 200,- €

Version C:
(2-3 day event)

- same like Version B... additional:
- a bigger event report + photo impressions (1- 2 pages)
  and integration of YOUR event sponsors into the reports
  with banner/logos and links of your partners. 

 from 250,-  €

- Version
A, B, C:

... if you want to publish your dates simultaneous
 at the GERMAN website of GYMmedia:

+ 25 % extra charge

OFFER II : W e  provide all dates/photos/results, techniques and more...

GYMmedia achievement
(- Main Website, English:

- in €  (EUR)



- GYMmedia makes a LIVE COVERAGE  (one or two days) directly from your venue by a special GYM-journalist (in English)
- you can book also an own Event website with own adress.

 price from 675,- € on
- conditioned by achievement
(a matter of negotiation)
(- additional travel costs)

- E:

- LIVE Coverage: (three days and more...)
- A GYMmedia team publishes LIVE the event with special reports, photos and results in English or any other language.
- You can book also an own website with own adress
- LIVE STREAMING is possible (- if you have clear the TV rights)

 price from 875,- € on
- conditioned by achievement
(a matter of negotiation)
(- additional travel costs)

- D, E:

... if you want simultaneous your dates in the German website of GYMmedia on :

+ 30 % extra charge

Offer III: 
Takeover of yor Event into the  GYMmedia Calendar System
                                                   + Active login into your event

- YOU -
transmit the date, the name, the location, the sports class and the special 
              and external LINK to your event:
- WE   - take over all your dates into the special GYMmedia World Calendar System

             of the right discipline and with
* Special Service we install an external link to your website.
          - per 12 month contract: 15,- EUR/year * Payment:  > E-Mail
(Free link after bank account. Keyword: Gym calendar 2012;
for GYMmedia event clients this service is 
f o r  f r e e - also up to January 15 for all!)

* For all Offers is valid: 12 month online guarantee
   ALL EVENTS, dates, files, pictures ore scores are 
  (c) components of the GYMmedia websites and
- will be online about special links and also in our GYMmedia World Calendar System and
- will be linked for one year with all our actually and daily reports/news when ever it will
   be possible;
- If you book one year later again, you will have a status of a
   "Member of G
YMmedia Family" and you will get a discount of 10 %!!
   All your further events and dates will be refreshed again!!

We will be happy, if our GYMmedia journalists and staffs can work with you together!

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