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24 - 26 - März-2006:  GYMmedia-Eventservice, Cottbus 2006

... GYMmedia Coverage from Cottbus World Cup at the event days.

From the establishing of the European Gymnastics Service GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL in 1997 on the Cottbus's organizers used this internet channel, to push this top tournament.Starting in 1973 (Schwerin) and 1976 (Berlin), now Cottbus is the host from 1979 on - every year, without a break - and celebrates now it's 30st Anniversary of the "Turnier der Meister 2006" (Tournament of Masters).

All these times the worldwide wellknown company "SPIETH Gymnastics"
powered the internet coverage 2006

... all the other information about the host and the history of this oldest European gymnastics tournament you will find on this website!

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08-Mar-2006:  USA - after a long Break starting in Germany again! 

Jana Bieger
WCh participant Melbourne

100 + 50 = World class in Cottbus
The topical entries of participation of the coming 30th anniversary of the World Cup "TOURNAMENT of MASTERS 2006 counts nearly 150 top athletes from 32 resp. 20 countries (men/women) as guests of the German city Cottbus.
So it's one of the most traditional event worldwide will go throuh a new higlight in its own history, but shurly also in this new year of gymnastics competitions.

For the first time again - after a very long break - USA's women gymnastics will be present again at a world cup tournament in Germany.
The German host is very joyously to welcome the member of the last U.S. worlds team in Melbourne 2005, Jana Bieger, because this name has a good sound here in Germany:
Her mother and now Jana's coach Andrea Bieger was a former German top gymnast and represented the Federal Republic of Germany at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal (12th all-around) and World Championships 1974 (Varna) and Europeans (1973 + 1977). So it will be als a friedly meeting with old friends again.
<< Jana lives in Coconut Creek/Fl. (USA).
Her club names "Boca Twisters" and she is coached by her mother Andrea.

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25-Feb-2006:  Romanian Top Stars Ponor an Dragulescu  

Ponor and Dragulescu

Nearly all the world champions will be in Cottbus...
After the promise of the Rumanian world champion Marian Dragulescu nearly all the Melbourne's world champions will start at the Cottbus world cup "30. Turnier der Meister" at the end of March - only the Chinese pommel horse champ Xiao will missing there...
Also the three times Olympic Champion Catalina Ponor will be on top of the strong Rumanian delegation...  (>> GYMmedia News, 25-Feb-2006)

Another strong Rumanian is Alin Jivan,  the bronze medallist of the last world championships on vault, and also  the Olympic bronze medallists (team) of Athens Razvan Selariu and Daniel Popescu make the Rumanians to the top favourites in Cottbus this year. 
Threefold Olympic Champion Catalina Ponor - 2005 European beam champion and third in Melbourne - will come together with the young talent Andreea Munteanu and with Steliana Nistor,  the European all-around juniors champion 2004 in Amsterdam, winning also silver at vault there...
Now the competition in Cottbus may be a very important step in their young careers in the near future...

..at the beginning of a hopeful career

16-Feb-2006:  CHINA and USA will visit Cottbus again...

CHEN, Yibing, worlds finalist

Alexander ARTEMEV (USA)
1st in New York, 2nd in Cottbus 2005

China's women will come with HUANG, Lu, who is a specialist at uneven bars. The European fans know her since her second places at the Grand Prix in Glasgow and the second place at the DTB-Cup in Stuttgart last year.

Also the 17 years old LI, Ya, who was the youngest member of the Chinese national team at the Anaheim Worlds in 2003, where she ranked 4th on balance beam already, and a half year later she won her first world cup in Ghent (2004), was an Olympic beam finalist in Athens and won her second world cup in Glsgow.
HUANG and LI - two world stars in Cottbus 2006!

2nd on U.bars  in Glasgow and Stuttgart 2005

Also in men's category the Chinese comes with important gymnasts for the coming Olympic Games 2008:
CHEN, Yibing (21) and YAN, Mingyong (20) were the two Chinese worlds finalists at the rings final in Melbourne, and the 19 years old CHANG, Hongtao was one of the stars at the "Hans Martin Schleyer Hall" at the DTB Cup in Stuttgart: 2nd on pommel horse! FENG, Zhe , the third Chinese was beaten there on parallel bars from the world champion Petkovsek only. Both will start in Cottbus again! The USA will come wth the  23 years old Sean Golden, who will come wth his experiences of the last worlds in Melbourne, and with the 21 years old Alexander Artemev - born in Minsk, Belarus and living now with his parents in Lakewood, California/USA. Artemev is wellknown at the latest American Cup 2005 in New York, where he won at pommel horse. Some weeks later he placed second on horse in Cottbus...
so wellcome again in Germany!

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08-Feb-2006: Japanese Super Star  Hiroyuki Tomita comes to Cottbus

AA world champion  Tomita comes!

The Japanese Gymnastics Federation send away its top star, the current all-around world champion Hiroyuki Tomita.
Also announced are the parallel bars Olympic Champion Valeri Gonscharov, the Olympic champion on floor Igors Vchrovs (Sydney 2000) and the reigning  world champions Diego Hypolito (floor) - Brazil's first world champion in history - the Dutch Yuri van Gelder (rings) and the Slovanian top duo Mitja Petkovsek (P.bars) and Aljaz Pegan (H.bars).
Of course the German host will send its top gymnasts, on top with European high bar champion Fabian Hambuechen...  so it's fact:
The German city of Cottbus will be the "Gymnastics Capital of the world" -  at the last March weekend leastwise...
( - list of participants    >> Men's list     >> Women's listn    (update: Feb 9)

Russian world cup winners from Stuttgart will come to Cottbus

The  winners of the "DTB-Pokal 2005", the all-around world champion of Tianjin  1999 Nikolai Krjukow, won on pommelhorse in Stuttgart and   Alexander Safoshkin, who beat the strong Dutch rings specialist Yuri van Gelder, are members of the Russian delegation in Cottbus.
On the top of the Japanese men's delegation will come the new national coach, the Olympic Champion (1984) Koji Gushiken.

Kryukov and Safoshkin >>
two top favorites again...

>> Stuttgart results

Members of the Russian women's delegation will be Natalia Losetschko and Polina Miller - two absolutely hopes for Russian gymnastics in the near future. 
13-Jan-2006:  Japanese men will come with strong athletes

Among the very first entries to the 30th Cottbus Tournament 2006 at the beginning of January already were the top athletes from team Olympic Team Champion Japan: Kenya Kobayashi, Kensuke Murata (photo), Hitoshi Aoyama, und Takuya Nakase.
But the former world championt and today's tournament director Sylvio Kroll 
believes that this year will come the complete top of the world again, and the local press reports, that the final events will held in the legendary "Stadthalle" again, and the wellknown theater of Cottbus will create specials performances...
LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU (13. 01.2006) zu berichten weiß.

The LAUSITZER RUNDSCHAU talked with the German head coach Andreas Hirsch u.a.: 
"We will participate with the best German athletes we have!" - he said 
( >>
LR-online, 13. Jan 2006
30th Anniversary of the legendary "Tournament of MASTERS", Cottbus, 2006 March  24 - 26

30th Anniversary: Tournament of Masters 2006
(Cover girl: Catalina PONOR (ROM)

It's only a short time to the 30th Anniversary of the legendary and traditional European event of artistic gymnastics, the "TOURNAMENT of MASTERS" 
in Cottbus, hometown of the "Sports Club Cottbus", one of the leading center of men's artistic gymnastics of Germany.
The director of this tournament is the Olympic silvermedallist of Seoul (1988, vault and team), Sylvio Kroll, member of the UEG's Executiv Committee.
The 30th Cottbus Master 2006 will held in the year of the 850th
 850. Jubilee of Cottbus, so the finals will be held in the traditionally "Stadthalle" (City Hall) in the center of Cottbus again; 
only at the first day's qualification will be used the Lausitz Arena, main venue of the last three years.

The 2006 World Cup Schedule:

- Friday, March 24, 1 p.m. local time: Qualification (Lausitz Arena)
- Saturday, March 25: 2 p.m. FINAL 1
- Sunday, March 26:   2 p.m. FINAL 2

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